Wooden Furniture Care – Key Tips to Remember

Wooden furniture is the ideal way to add a quaint feel to your home. Though like all furniture, wooden furniture needs usual maintenance, and in fact, it’d need a little more care and maintenance compared to all other furniture – but that is the price that one has to pay to make their home décor look beautiful. Most wooden furniture loses its strength because there’s no regular furniture care taken, or because people normally ignore these tips.

Keep these tips in mind to provide your wooden fixtures a better look and longer lifespan.

  • Regular Dusting

The ideal way to maintain your furniture is by dusting is constantly, so that its dust and other small objects don’t settle on it. Dust not just takes away the sheen and gloss of the wooden furniture, but also makes the basic stuff quite weak. Dusting wood itself should be completed extremely carefully. If you’ve anything on the base of the wood furniture, ensure that it lifted. Do not slide the particles, as that might scratch the furniture and damage it permanently. So be careful.

  • Keep Away from Water

One more aspect to keep in mind is to keep the wood away from the water and any sort of liquids. As long as the wood keeps its polish, water will not seep in and damage the material, but once the wood starts to wear and tear, the water or liquids might seep into the wooden furniture and weaken it.

  • Keep away from Sunlight

Unless and until it’s actually necessary, don’t keep furniture below direct sunlight. If you’re pressed to keep it, ensure you’ve some sort of table cloth to shield it from the sun. Direct sunlight will harm your wooden fixtures.

  • Do not be a Drag

Wooden furniture is relatively weaker than iron as well as steel furniture. Therefore, while cleaning and moving wooden furniture, don’t drag it, but lift to and fro. This’ll not just be great for your tiles, but will also help to keep the strength of the furniture intact.

  • Don’t polish too much

You’d polish your wooden furniture only 3 or 4 times in the complete year. Also, while furniture polishing, always keeps in mind not to utilize too much polish, as you might eventually end up having a sort of film on the peak of your wooden furniture due to the excessive use of polish.