Some Theme Decor Ideas Which Can Reflect Your Style And Personality

When you wish to decorate your house, you may find it difficult for you to choose a decorative theme. Some home theme decor may have numerous amount of pieces and others many feel difficult to accomplish. However, to eliminate away all your worries by looking at a few major issues so that you avoid considering all items in your room which is related to the theme.

Below are some of the famous theme decor ideas which can reflect your style and personality.


This kind of theme relies on neutral colors and very little focus on furniture. In this case, lighter fabrics like cotton and silk are famous like lighter colors such as metal and wood. The bold pops of the pillow colors or accent pieces will offer a more appealing contrast.


In this case, you will target the old pieces which were loved and valued by many people in the past. Therefore, you will aim to reuse or recycle old materials. The colors in a vintage look are pastel and lighter.

Country/ rustic style

For you to use this theme you will be required to look at which has raw and rough edges. The main color used here has natural darker tones. This theme decor will include wildlife images such as eagles, fish, wolves, bison, bears, moose, elk and deer. You will also see pine cones and evergreen tree images in this kind of theme.

Coastal themes

Normally, houses which are built around coastal areas will tend to have themes which incorporate natural elements that are usually found on beaches. However, this kind of decor can vary depending on the coastal area where the house is built. In the coastal theme decor, pastel colors which are in shades in orange, pink, green and blue are usually used. The furniture can be made using tropical wood like abaca, bamboo, teak, wicker, and rattan. You can overstuff the chairs and couches for comfort. When it comes to fabric colors you can keep them light but include striped or floral ones.