House Décor – General Interior décor Trends 2021

Here we conducted a fashion examination and found out which home interior décor trends are relevant in 2021, and how to translate then into our individual home? Get inspired and select what you like!

  • Natural materials

The use of natural materials in the interior has forever been in trend, but this season we’d expect more unique combinations of materials: concrete and wood, metal and even clay. Furthermore, natural materials can safely become the key emphasis in the home. But the main thing here’s not to overdo it – if you make the complete home wooden or stone, nothing fine will come of it.

For instance, natural, pronounced wood feel will look remarkable on the floor. And the use of stone on the walls wills surely appeal to those who’ve long wanted a loft-style apartment.

  • Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes in the home interior have become an almost immortal style. One way or another this was traced in any season for several years. In recent times, geometric shapes have been in style of walls, on the floors, on the furniture and sometimes unimaginable form. But all in the world strives for perfection, and the circle is the perfect geometric touch. So in the home interior 2021, the style will be smooth and rounded geometric forms.

  • Warm colors in its place of cold

For a very long term, cold and even sterile home interiors were in trend. It all came from Scandinavian style, which for an extremely long time was the king of interior design. It’s based on white and gray walls. And if in our state only recently started to understand that to make all the walls in the home white – this doesn’t turn it into a hospital, now in 2021 white and cold shades in the interior are no longer in style. They’re replaced by nude and warm tones, which become the basis of the home interior. And if during this time you were capable to fall in love with white, then don’t forget that it has several touches, including white.

  • Dark Bathrooms

The bathrooms are perhaps the most intimate spot in our home, it does not matter how many people are in the home, and in the bathroom, we basically remain alone with ourselves. And in the style, the tendency toward intimacy and closeness of the interior is growing, so bathroom decoration in black and graphite colors become so popular.