Furniture care – Proper Maintenance for Popular Types of Patio Furniture

Knowing how to care for your patio furniture fixtures can boost the lifespan of your purchase and protect your instrument for decades. In some cases, with the right care of your patio furniture, here you can even count on handing your furniture down to the next-gen. while this is not a complete guide on the care of lawn furniture fixtures, its fine starting point on types of well-known furniture.

Powdered aluminum

Powdered aluminum furniture is attractive and normally relatively costly. It comes in a range of colors and styles to match the home décor. Aluminum furniture is also named because the aluminum is painted or powdered coated. This increases the life of the furniture and decreases rust. While this furniture is rust-resistant, for the ideal lifespan, it’d be covered or put into storage for winter times in snowy climates. If the pain chips, the exposed powdered aluminum is more likely to rust, so care should be taken to protect the shine. Aluminum is very lightweight and otherwise very maintenance-free, needing simples desires to continue to look great.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is attractive and heavyweight. It comes in a range of styles and has a classic elegance all its own. Most cast iron is coated pieces to resist rust, but this furniture item can rust uncoated or there’s damage to the coating. Cast iron is not likely to blow away in windy conditions. This furniture should be covered in the winter term to protect against moisture. Some companies recommend painting cast iron to boost its rust resistance.


A wicker is a remarkable option, offering a homey touch to the outdoors. Wicker cans can be damaged by wide moisture and UV exposure over time, so care should be taken to clean it gently and regularly. If you notice breakage, re-canning is normally easier if you address the damage before it gets too bad. Wicker can be cleaned with water and a mild soap solution and a bristled brush.


Wood patio furniture is extremely famous and provides yard a natural feel. Depending on your taste, you can pick more rustic furniture or go with a more ornate theme. Woodworks well both areas, wood furniture care varies as much as the different sorts of wood themselves. Some wooden fixtures should be sealed and painted annually, while others, like teak wood furniture, should never be painted, sealed and stained.