Furniture Care – Home Remedies for Wooden Furniture Issues

Each and every furniture undergoes a fair and share of wear and tear during the lifespan, and loses its charm and elegance and gloss over time. Though, with a few right homemade tips and tricks, you can actually include life to your furniture and here are some quick hacks to make your furniture made of wooden looking fresh and hide the blemishes that each day wear and tear provide them.

  • Polish the Furniture 2 Times a Year

Polishing wooden furniture is an extremely fine idea because it adds to the goodness of the furniture and also makes it look charming. Though, always keep in mind that polishing should not take place more than 2 times a year, or else there’ll be unwanted layer and sheen on the furniture and it will seem wired. While utilizing the wooden polish, ensure that it’s not alcohol or silicon-based, as alcohol is utilized in several strippers and will very much damage the wood itself.  You can make your individual furniture polish, by mixing 1 part of lemon oil to 3 parts of olive oil. To keep the shine of the wooden furniture intact, utilize bottled shoe polish so that you can hide that marks and stains on the furniture fixtures.

  • Use Table Cloths

Table cloths are fine news for wooden furniture as well as its users. Whenever you’re utilizing the wooden furniture as a dining wooden table, or basically a fine table, ensure to put a wooden table cloth before you place any warm vessels on the furniture made of wood. The heat will harm the wood of the furniture, so you’ve to be a little careful around the wood and warm vessels.

  • Use Coasters

Water rings not just take away from the feel and look of wooden crafted furniture fixtures, but it also damages the wooden strength. The great way to solve this issue is to use coasters whenever you are drinking any beverage, alcohol or putting any vessels with liquid on the wooden furniture items. If, although, water sports do happen, let them dry fully and then apply some mayonnaise to them, you read perfectly it is mayonnaise. More often than not, water sports will disappear.

These are only some of the key tips you furniture made of wood look very young and your house décor right on the peak even after a while of use.