8 Children’s Bedding Sets That Won’t Be Boring

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8 Children’s Bedding Sets That Won’t Be Boring

Today’s beds are not only used for sleeping, but design and practicality are other considerations in choosing bedding sets.

As the name implies, this cool children’s bed in the shape of a 2-story house, children will be able to play and imagine being hunting deer in their comfortable place. Wood material that is definitely durable, this bed is made of the same size level, there is nothing to envy with different size beds. Equipped with a combination of cheerful colors, namely pink and gray, the kids are guaranteed to love it.

Children’s beds with Brazilian Pine material that can be used as a play tent at the bottom and sleeping on the top, with a simple shape, children will still enjoy playing in tents alone or with friends. The color chosen is also bright, pink for the tent below, and dove gray for the bed above.

Still with the tent model below that sleeps on top of it, Roxy Junior Loft with Playhouse Tent gives color nuances like an army tent. Children will feel cool playing in the tent, or reading a book. The material used is Brazilian pine which is suitable for a child’s bed.

If you like white interiors, this kid’s bed is definitely a good fit. Moreover, this bed is very complete because it is equipped with a writing desk, 3 drawers to store clothes and a shelf at the end of the bed that can be used to put books.

Bunk bed with a cool model, because it has a chair under it. The room is compact, not full of individual chairs. Metal material that is strong and durable and easy to assemble, can withstand the weight of not only children, but adults too.

This Kids Bunk Bed is made of wood with an elegant honey color. With the size of the upper and lower bunk made differently, it can be used for brothers and sisters. And if desired, this bed can be used as two separate sleeping units.

Camaflexi Bunk Bed and Trundle Set is a flexible bed, because if needed, it can be separated and made into 2 beds. Below it is equipped with a drawer for storing items. Simple gray color that will suit any interior color.

This bunk bed design is unique with a staircase design that is usually straight, but not this bunk bed, which is curved which also functions as a buffer. Made from metal that is strong and durable.