7 Sturdy and Useful Kitchen Islands & Carts

To decorate your kitchen, you need various types of kitchen furniture. Among this furniture, a kitchen cart plays an important role.

A kitchen cart or a kitchen island can serve you dual purposes. First of all, you can keep many kitchen items on a kitchen cart. Secondly, it can enhance your kitchen’s look. So, you should have a kitchen cart in your modern kitchen.

But, searching for a good kitchen cart can be a tedious job. Hence, a list of 7 beautiful kitchen carts is given below. The list will help you to choose a fabulous kitchen cart for your kitchen.

This solid wood kitchen island is truly big. It has two drawers and four doors. Apart from that, the island has a towel holder. Hence, this white-colored kitchen island is a perfect place to keep your cooking utensils.

Brazilian pine wood is durable. That’s why Highland Dunes have used pine wood to build this cart. It’s an open kitchen cart. It has a drawer, a shelf, and a wine storage rack (4 bottles). You can use its stainless steel top to keep wet kitchen utensils. The cart is portable. So, you would love to have this cart in your kitchen.

This kitchen cart is covered and it has a height of above 35 inches. The cart is made of manufactured wood. But, it’s top is built with solid wood. The cart has a drawer, a cupboard, a towel bar, and a spice rack. The cart has four wheels under it. So, you can drag it easily.

If you love a useful kitchen cart, then this is a great kitchen cart for you. It’s made of solid wood and it’s top is made of stainless steel. The cart has two wide racks and the racks are open. Moreover, this kitchen cart has two drawers. So, it’s a perfect kitchen cart for a big kitchen.

Sometimes you just need a small and affordable kitchen cart. Hence, ‘Ebern Designs’ has manufactured this kitchen cart. It has a simple and modern look. The cart has two open shelves and four wheels under it. The cart is small in size. So, it can fit into any kitchen.

It’s a large kitchen island. The island has two metal shelves. As a result, it’s easy to clean them. Moreover, the island has towel bars and it has open shelves. Hence, you will find ample space on this kitchen island. The island’s top is made of veneer. So, it’s top looks stylish.

This solid wood kitchen island has 2 drawers and 6 interior shelves. It’s made of solid wood. That’s why it has a fabulous look. The island’s top can be extended. It has a drop-leaf function. Apart from that this island has towel bars and movable wheels. Therefore, it’s an ideal kitchen island for your modern kitchen.

Kitchen islands and Kitchen carts are available in different sizes and designs. So, you should choose a kitchen cart or an island carefully. You can follow the above list to pick a beautiful and sturdy kitchen cart or island for your kitchen.